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CSR-System is an innovative web-based sustainability reporting application that helps organisations provide auditable CSR reports.

• Unlike spreadsheets, disparate documents and other reporting products, CSR-System provides a flexible framework that automates the collection, approval and reporting process.


• It can be configured and managed by non-technical staff in a matter of hours.


• A simple, yet effective interface that allows administra-tors to build sets of questions that are grouped into the different reporting categories such as Environment and Human Resources

• Web-based delivery targeting questions at specific users and business units. It supports users through on-line help, sample answers, comparisons to previous responses. Questions can be set up with deadlines which allows the system to automatically ‘chase up’ people


• A status monitor that shows the completeness of submissions i.e. which questions have been answered and which questions are still outstanding

• An approval process whereby answers can be ‘locked’ to prevent any further changes. The system provides a full audit trail of what has been reported, by whom and when


• Standard reports and integration to Word and Excel.



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